Delivery Information


Thank you for visiting this page. Prompt dispatch and delivery is very important to me - I'm strangely obsessed with it! I hope this page explains everything you want to know. 

If it doesn't then please email me via the contact page or direct at 

Please do remember to check your spam trap for my reply, just in case I end up in there - I respond the same day to everyone who emails - if you don't get a response it's because it has not got through to you. 

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Dispatch times - we aim for same day or next working day dispatch every time

We aim for same day or next working day dispatch every time you order from us. We do not make you wait. Dispatch times are very important to us and we treat your order as a priority.

It is very, very rare that we do not dispatch an order within 48 hours during the week, Monday-Friday.

We dispatch the same day or next day to UK addresses using Royal Mail business post services - Royal Mail Tracked 24, Royal Mail Tracked 48 & Royal Mail Standard 24  

Royal Mail collect from us on weekdays - Monday to Friday. They collect in the mornings and so we must stop cutting fabric each day at around 9.30 am in order to complete the required paperwork (I get up very early!). 

If you made an order during working hours the previous day it will go out the next day. If you made an order overnight or before 9.30 am on a weekday I will do everything I can to get it sent out to you the same day - and I usually succeed.     

We do not have a Royal Mail pick-up on Saturdays (or Sundays) so if you order after 9.30 am on a Friday it will not go out until Monday. 

But we do cut fabric and process orders all weekend. So if you make an order any time on Saturday or Sunday, barring all accidents, it will go out on Monday morning.

We will always let you know promptly if we anticipate a delay in dispatch longer than 48 hours.

For orders over 0.5 metres we use either Royal Mail Tracked 24 or Royal Mail Tracked 48 for UK deliveries. These are Royal Mail's flagship services and give you updates via email in real time, plus the ability to change delivery dates and specify a safe place or trusted neighbour. 

For orders of half a metre we use Royal Mail Standard 24, which is the business equivalent of 1st Class.  

Delivery prices for address in the UK - £2.50 for orders under £25.00. Free delivery over £25.00.

From 1st January 2022, sadly due to huge wholesale price rises, I had to start charging for delivery on orders up to £24.99. This charge is £2.50. Orders of £25.00 and over will remain FREE. We deliver to the following locations by Royal Mail Tracked 24/48 for orders of over half a metre, and for orders of half a metre by Royal Mail Standard 24. Very occasionally, for orders weighing more than 2kg, we may use the DPD Next Day service: 

  • The United Kingdom (including Northern Ireland and the Highlands & Islands)
  • Channel Islands
  • Isle of Man 

N.B. It's worth noting that Royal Mail costs to Northern Ireland, the Scottish Highlands & Islands, the Channel Islands, Isles of Scilly, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man or any other UK island (!) are exactly the same price as to any other mainland UK destination. Royal Mail do not charge surcharges or levies to send to these lovely locations, even though some retailers in every business sector might charge you more.  


Due to very sharp price rises in raw materials such as cotton all of my suppliers have now put their prices up multiple times - some by as much as 60% per metre - double gauze, for example, has gone up 64% over the course of this year. This is partly due to the Pandemic which has increased the cost of raw materials globally. The price of cotton, for example, has risen a whopping 72% this year. 

In addition, shipping costs from the EU and particularly Royal Mail costs have also risen sharply - Royal Mail levy a fuel surcharge in addition to the actual base cost of delivery and as you can imagine this surcharge has gone up a lot - so as it stands right now, to send one parcel Tracked 24 costs me £6.62 including VAT, and to send a Tracked 48 parcel costs me £4.50 including VAT. I could of course swap to 1st Class or 2nd Class mail like most other fabric shops - and it would be cheaper - but standard 1st and 2nd Class services are much, much less reliable and getting your fabric to you is my job. It's my priority. And Tracked services over half a metre are the most sensible, reliable and secure way available. 

Therefore, from 1st January 2022 it is with huge regret that I have been forced to start charging a contribution towards the postage and packing. This is £2.50 for orders under £25. For orders over £25 delivery remains free. This obviously will not cover the entire cost of postage and packaging but helps us remain competitive; or as one of my suppliers put it on raising their prices for the third time this year, 'work economically'. 

For more information see my blog post on fabric price rises here.     

Delivery to EU countries including France and Germany & all international deliveries

We are sorry but we are not in a position to post internationally. We only deliver to addresses in the UK and Channel Islands. We are very small and cannot carry the cost of lost parcels and the paperwork has recently become very onerous. However, there are many UK and European online stores that do post internationally and if you'd like to email me I can point you at the ones I recommend depending on the type of fabric you're looking for. 

We have also taken the difficult decision not to deliver to EU countries post Brexit. This is because, since 1st January 2021, postal/courier handling fees, possible duties, and import VAT (the VAT rate in your EU country) will be charged by your local postal service (e.g. La Poste/Deutsch Post etc) and payable by you on anything you now order from a UK shop, and it must be paid before they will deliver your order.   

For more information about what Brexit might mean for the fabric industry and fabric buyers I have written a blog post here

Freight forwarding to the EU and rest of the world - buying from us when you live outside the UK 

We can however send to UK freight forwarders who then ship direct all over the world. The best of these companies are experts in global shipping and deal with the customs issues on your behalf - and mine too! They provide you with a UK address for me to send the parcel to, and then they arrange the exporting and delivery to you. You'll need to find one and create an account with them first - I can't do this for you. The best place to start is by searching 'UK parcel forwarding service' on Google. But remember to check any reviews and do your research before using any company to send your parcel from the UK.      

UK delivery of heavy, bulky parcels over 2 kg in weight and high-value orders

Royal Mail collect from us and we use Royal Mail Tracked 24, Royal Mail Tracked 48 and Royal Mail Standard 24 (the business equivalent of 1st Class) for all deliveries, depending on the type of fabric and the value of your order. 

However, where a parcel is over 2 kg in weight and/or bulky we may, very occasionally, decide to use DPD to deliver your item - this service will also be FREE to you.  

Normally we only consider using DPD if, for example, you've ordered more than four metres of a heavier-weight fabric and/or you have spent more than £100.00 in total. 

Our first choice, and preferred option, will always be Royal Mail. They are the best at what they do.   

Delivery times

While we dispatch promptly and want you to receive your order within a very maximum of 5 working days of us sending it to you, we cannot guarantee that this will happen under every circumstance.

For example, we cannot control, or take any responsibility for, Royal Mail, their occasionally broken computer systems, any courier or the weather. 

Please be aware that we are not liable for items that go missing in the post and we do keep proof of postage, proof of delivery and other metrics for all deliveries. If you have concerns about your parcel please contact us - I want to help!

As a small business, it’s inevitable that occasionally we will take a break. When we are on a break, we will ensure that we make this clear on the website so that you know before you place an order that it may not be delivered within the maximum of 5 working days.  

Packaging materials we use    

The plastic bags we use to send out orders are 100% recyclable either via curbside collection or by taking to recycling points. The note cards and all other stationery including packaging tape we use is made in the UK or EU from 100% recycled paper from post-consumer waste. I would absolutely LOVE to use paper packaging but sadly it's just not economically viable - paper bags are unbelievably expensive compared with plastic and right now it's just not a cost I can hope to carry.