Welcome to Simple Life Fabrics!

Welcome to Simple Life Fabrics!

Simple Life Fabrics opens its online doors for the very first time this week, and I'm excited! Fabric, buttons, sewing patterns and supplies have been arriving for the last three weeks - bolts and rolls and packets and uber-huge boxes. And now I'm surrounded by wonderful colours and textures. But how did we get here? Why did we decide to start an online fabric shop?      

I've spent the last almost-20 years as a self-employed commercial and press writer, and I've been writing for money all my adult life. My husband John, our co-Director, has been a commercial photographer and stock-image library owner for the same amount of time. 

But like many people in their late 40s and 50s who have done the same thing their whole career in various guises, I've felt a growing need to change direction; to shake things up; to do something completely and utterly different. Simple Life Fabrics is the result.   

It's a big leap. Many of my colleagues and clients have been incredibly supportive, especially you - you know who you are! However, I also know that many lovely people I've worked with over the decades will think I've just lost the plot! That all I really need is a drink and a lie down!   

But my best friend said to me the other day: the world is full of possibilities, there's always something new, somewhere over the rainbow (I'm paraphrasing, sorry TC!). And it's true. There are new possibilities everywhere, every day, for everyone. We just need to choose to seize these possibilities for ourselves.    

I do hope you enjoy looking at the fabrics and sewing accessories, patterns, buttons and whatever else suddenly appears on the Simple Life Fabrics website over the coming months. John and I are going to be adding new stuff regularly, so check back soon! 

Finally, thank you so much for visiting.


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