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About Simple Life Fabrics

It’s time to celebrate the art of creating a simpler life

Simple Life Fabrics was founded to help everyone create, celebrate and be proud to live a simpler life. But what does that really mean?

As children we’re proud to be creative. We draw and paint; use modelling dough and paper mache. We make cards, collages, jewellery, pots and, yes, we sew. Life is simple and the days feel long. We don’t care about mistakes, and we judge the end product only by how much pleasure it gives us – and the people we love. 

As adults, time is shorter, and we become self-critical. We try out different arts and crafts and find ourselves wanting; judging our work against the images we see every day on social media. In a frantic, busy, complicated world, we lose the ability to enjoy the simple, quiet pleasure of creating – and our lives are the less for it. 

We started Simple Life Fabrics because sewing, crafting and creating reconnects us to what’s important; to the simple pleasure of expressing ourselves. Every minute we spend making is time well spent. 

Taking our inspiration from the Arts and Crafts Movement and William Morris, we believe that in a complex world a simple life is in itself both useful and beautiful.  

Sarah & John  

About us

Simple Life Fabrics is a trading name of a small UK-registered company called The Simple Life Group Ltd founded in 2019 and run by two 50-something, seasoned, and married (to each other!), creatives, Sarah and John. We're online only and based in Somerset, UK. 

Before I started the shop I spent 15 years running a business in the Private Client sector as a national-press ghostwriter and adviser to high-net-worth individuals, politicians and entrepreneurs. John still runs a stock photo library. This is our first collaboration! 

I'm on Instagram here: @sarahsimplelifeuk - please do follow me!